Our online shop does not require more information than is technically necessary. We respect our customers' privacy and we know that there are items in our store that you may not want anyone else to know you have ordered.

Therefore, when you go from the shopping cart page to the checkout page, all we need is a working e-mail address and phone number. The phone number, because it will receive an SMS with the parcel machine door code to pick up the goods, and the order confirmation will be sent by e-mail.

For technical reasons, it is still necessary to enter a first name and surname, for technical reasons, it is still necessary to enter a first name and surname, - such as E.P, Mickey Mouse, My Order - whatever. You don't need to enter your first name, but unfortunately, while the technical solution is still being developed, you can fill in these fields with any text.


Why is an exact address not required?

Since we only send to parcel machines, the parcel machine is the recipient's address. The recipient chooses the appropriate parcel machine on the checkout page. Once the order has arrived at the parcel machine, the recipient will receive a door code to their phone number and/or email. We will also send your order details, tracking code, etc. to your e-mail.

Parcel machines - Omnvia's parcel machines are open 24/7, as they are located outside the building and can be accessed 24 hours a day. Itella's parcel machines are usually located indoors and can be picked up when shopping centres etc. are open, and Prismas are also open 24 hours a day. Read more instructions for ordering from a parcel machine.

Why is this necessary?

As we only use parcel services, asking customers for their real address, which many e-shops do, is unreasonable. On the one hand, it saves the customer time filling in boxes that would not be necessary in reality, and on the other hand, customer privacy is very important to us. Why disclose your personal data to third parties when you don't really need it.

We respect the anonymity and privacy of our customers and understand that there are products in our e-shop that no one else should or should not know about.

Also for the name we offer and suggest using a completely arbitrary name (e.g. Spider Man) or, at most, the first name and the letter of the surname. But completely random name is better, because there is absolutely no reason to use your real name, because the parcel can be picked up from the dispenser by the door code, not by document.

But your e-mail and phone number must be correct. You can also use any email (make a new gmail for example), but it must be a working one, because we send the order information to it - you might need it if you need to change the order for some reason. The phone number can be any SIM card, but it must be a working one, because it will contain the parcel machine door code, which will be used to pick up the order from the parcel machine.

How do use the parcel machine?
If you don't have any previous experience with parcel machines, you can find a detailed guide to parcel machines on our website from the instructions for ordering from a parcel machine..

How are our products packaged?

All goods in our e-shop are carefully packed in security envelopes or boxes. Packaged in such a way that without physical damage it is impossible to see the contents of the package or to know who sent the package. It is worth mentioning here that physical damage to packages requires deliberate force, i.e. they cannot be opened during normal transport. All products are only sent to parcel terminals, where the recipient can pick up the goods at a time convenient to them.

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